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We initially created this blog to help everyone keep track of Kathy during her battle with breast cancer, but it grew into much more than a progress report. It has become an inspiration to family, friends and many others battling life threatening diseases.

The site was built using iWeb – a simple tool that made sense at the time. However, during the transition away from the Apple servers we did lose all the comments on the blog. Sorry about that. But the original posts are still intact and available to those who want to read Kathy’s words.

For those currently fighting their own battle.

The toughest challenge is fear of the unknown. We started by gathering as much information as possible – about the disease, the doctors, the treatments – about everything. The more we knew, the better we could prepare. And generally, that works. But we quickly learned that things can change. Not everyone’s case is exactly the same. One small nuance can change the way your body reacts, your doctors react, and you react. You have to be flexible.

The only thing you can control is your attitude. And that is what you can learn from Kathy. It’s what this website and Kathy’s Divas is all about. To show that it is possible to be strong mentally even when your body is telling you otherwise.

The way you live with cancer, or whatever battle you face, effects everything. And with the right disposition, those effects will be positive and, in turn, actually enhance your life and the lives of everyone around you.

Even after her passing, we find ourselves returning to the archives to read her entries. Some are about simple moments usually taken for granted, others become lessons in medical terminology, but all an insightful look into the heart of an amazingly strong and courageous woman.

We encourage you to help carry Kathy’s torch by continuing to add comments and share your thoughts. We have also started a new section called A Family Perspective. By sharing our point of view, together we hope to find the same strength and courage we have all come to admire in Kathy.

Thank you for taking part.

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